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Annual Inspections and Chimney Cleaning: Play it safe! Annual cleanings and inspections are important. Nearly 60% of all house fires are caused by dirty or faulty chimneys, fireplaces, and flues. Chimney Caps Available in stainless steel or copper, chimney caps are a great way to protect the interior of your chimney and prevent birds and animals from nesting in your flue. Chimney Inspections for Home Buyers/Sellers Chimneys and fireplaces are not normally a detailed part of a standard real estate home inspection. For peace of mind, give us a call to fully inspect the chimney before you sell or buy. Chimney Liners Installing a stainless steel or aluminum liner can prevent chimney deterioration and ensure proper venting of dangerous fumes. Chim-Scan Shows All For an additional charge, a small camera is lowered into the chimney to videotape all surfaces. Very useful for hard-to-diagnose problems or if you need a visual record of the chimney’s interior condition as a talking point for purchase negotiations. Clean Out Doors All chimneys should have a clean out door for removing ash and debris. If your chimney doesn’t have a clean out door, call American Chimney Pros today to schedule a quick installation. Dampers Modern, up-to date dampers can prevent home heat from leaking into the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. This can save you money on your heating bill. Fireplace Problems Can’t use your fireplace because it smokes up the room? American Chimney Pros will correct your venting problem so you can finally enjoy using your fireplace again. Fireplace Face Lift Want to give your¬¬¬ fireplace a new look? We are Pros are at re-facing fireplaces and redoing hearths in the material of your choice. Flashing Water leaks in the chimney area are usually cured by replacing the lead flashing around the base of the chimney at the roofline. Masonry Restoration We can repair areas of crumbling mortar in your chimney (grind and point) or completely rebuild your chimney from the roofline up if needed. Call today to schedule a free estimate. Waterproofing Rain and snow can take their toll on bricks over the years. Our waterproofing treatment seals the brick and can extend the life of your chimney for many years. Wood/Pellet Stove Installation and Removal Want to have one installed? We can do that! We would recommend a quick free estimate appointment prior to your stove purchase to make sure you have the right kind of space and venting options. Want one removed? We can do that too! Animal Removal Birds, squirrels, and raccoons are drawn to a chimney’s heat in winter. It’s not safe for them, or you. We’re pros at humane animal removal.

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